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The career challenge

Our careers present us with one of the biggest challenges we face – to find an external expression for our deepest interests and talents, in a form that will be useful to others.  This is not always easy to accomplish: Firstly, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of career...
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HIPE career guide – part 2

What is this? A career guide for PART 2: HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT JOB FOR YOU IN GOVERNMENT (OR ELSEWHERE) Every civil servant has the potential to change the country for the better by doing practical steps to maximise their career impact. Early in your career, explore different options by ...
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HIPE career guide – part 1

What is this? A career guide for INTRODUCTION. TO FIND YOUR DREAM JOB, TREAT IT LIKE AN EXPERIMENT (OR LIKE TINDER)  Your dream job is something that: You’re good at Helps others  Has good work conditions 2. You can find this dream job by exploring your options, investing in what loo...
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